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Good Loving Woman

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Word of the Weak: SYBARITIC

February 24, 2013


|ˌsibəˈritik| given or devoted to pleasure, even excessively so hedonistic, voluptuous, self-indulgently sensuous (1610s, from Latin sybariticus, from Greek sybaritikos, from Sybarites); More below…

And so the two sybaritic septuagenarians stripped down to their Strumpfhosen and sank into the sumptuous (but waterless) tub—well, the young puppy of a clerk didn’t know whether to avert his gaze or climb in with them, just to clinch the sale.

Karen Elizabeth Gordon, The Disheveled Dictionary

Sybaritic glw

NIGHT-OF-MERONJust Before Dawn (Sonnymoon)

January 24, 2013 1 Comment

September 11, 2001

Burn, Baby, Burn 9-11photo:  cima bue