Good Loving Woman

Good Loving Woman

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April 4, 2013 1 Comment

Word of the Weak: DOLCE FAR NIENTE

March 18, 2013

"I Am Half-Sick of Shadows," said the Lady of Shalott

noun |ˈdōlCHā fär nēˈentā|  pleasant inactivity; ORIGIN Italian, literally, sweet to do nothing

Taking leave of their usual antediluvian roustabouting. the mastodons gave themselves over to the dulce far niente of a faunal afternoon.

Dolce far niente is also one of the  most popular desserts at Café Frangipane, and comes with complimentary silk pajamas, a tumulus of cushions, a troupe of untroubled succubi and incubi to see you to your door.

from  The Disheveled Dictionary by Karen Elizabeth Gordon

“I Am Half-Sick of Shadows,” said the Lady of Shalott (Oil on canvas. 1913. Sidney Harold Meteyard.)

January 26, 2013

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